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elisgalpal ([personal profile] elisgalpal) wrote2011-07-31 12:51 pm
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Okay, so I have decided to go ahead and start posting my fics in here as well as continuing to post them on LiveJournal. Why start posting here you ask? Duh. With all of the issues happening with LiveJournal I'd kinda like to get my stuff posted somewhere so I can share my joy when I finish writing something! Yeah, see I have this HUGE list of fics to finish and my brain won't stop thinking of new fics. So yeah, working on finishing the old ones before starting new ones or if I do lose my head and start a new one, well, I need to finish it as soon as possible!

Anyway, just giving a heads up out there that I'm posting my fics from my weakmoments LiveJournal account in here as well. No, I have no idea when I'll start posting. LOL Probably sometime this week if it is cooler because I'm on the computer in the garage where there is no AC and it is really flippin' hot. Blah. I did finally find a fan though! *waves*

Peace, Love, Giggles, and Writing,
*who also has to get some H50 icons over here!*

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