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2011-08-06 10:52 pm
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Oh what a week

So, I didn't get to post anything this week. Matter of fact, this might be the first time I'm on the computer in days. An insane week with football, carting kids all over the place, committee meetings for our babe ruth 10 year old world series, helping my parents, and all of that with hubby of course away for work. *sigh* I'd love to say this week might be a little better but no, pretty sure it won't be because it's the home stretch for the world series and there's still things to do. I'm gonna try to get some writing done tonight because I am soooooo far behind.

And then, if I write, I can post more! :D Then, if I'm posting I can actually read all of the fics out there! Yeah, waaaaay behind with reading too. Maybe it'll all be better when the kids return to school...

Peace, Love, and Giggles,
*off to write now*