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This is something I wrote a while back for a fic meme I'd posted in my other journals. I royally suck because I'm still kinda working on [livejournal.com profile] dawnieangel's fic because I just have never liked anything at all I've written for her request. But since this is my writing journal I figure I'll go ahead and post the one I wrote as an example. This is written before the new season aired and Eliot was still a little perturbed at Sophie. I don't even know if I like what I've written anymore! LOL Gonna go ahead and post it though or I'll never post it!

And here we go! This is the meme if anyone is interested.
1. Check out my interests and choose any 3 - 5.
2. Choose a favorite quote, lyric, or pic for me to use as a base for the fic. Can be a quote from a movie, book, tv show...anywhere.
3. Choose the rating but I have to say I doubt I can write any smut. Just about killed me the one time I did! I will write a little something and reply to your request here or I will post it as a single LJ post.

An example...

1. Interests: Classic Movies, Eliot, Mystery Books, pencils, singing
2. Quote: "You know you love someone when you can spend the entire night just sitting by the fire watching them sleep." Gram in Dawson's Creek
3. Rating: T

And now here is what I have written...

"What are you doing?" She whispered.


Sophie looked at Eliot, tilted her head ever so slightly and grinned. "You were watching her sleep." she stated.

He tensed when he realized she might be right. )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
tis all

Hope you enjoyed! I'm working on another couple of Leverage fics as well as tons of other fics! There's this one fic I've been working on pretty consistantly the last couple of months that is an A Walk To Remember fic about Landon 15 years later. I can't seem to stop listening to the song Halo by Beyonce *and I'm not really a Beyonce fan* and it inspired me to write it. It also happens to be my first AWTR fic as well which has been giving me troubles because of my love of the book and Nicholas Sparks' beautiful words.

Anyway...I shall keep writing and posting!
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Okay, so it has been ages since I posted anything in here but I've been writing! I got all excited and said I'd be posting tons in here and I have not. *shakes head* So there's this show I love...Leverage. It's a fun show. And it keeps inspiring me! Which of course freaks me out! Yeah, I know...inspiration freaks me out simply because I don't know if what I'm writing sucks royally. Anyway, here's one...it might be done but it needs fixed. But here we go.

It was driving him insane.  )

So if anyone is out there reading this and enjoys leverage I hope ya like it. There's spoilers I suppose I should say from the last episode.


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