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I know...I haven't been here in a while but tonight was so crappy and I can't wait for Jason to return to Port Charles, I thought I'd write!! Here goes!

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Tis all I have...

Part 2

Aug. 14th, 2006 06:59 pm
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I do my best thinking in the shower...came up with this conversation yesterday before I saw GH so I can either use this or I can go with the few lines I heard yesterday in the promo.


He gave her a glass of tequila as he continued drinking out of the bottle. "You don't mind do you?"
She chuckled. "No." Sighing, she sipped her drink as the images of her husband with another woman flashed through her mind. "Hell." She guzzled the rest of the drink and softly asked for more.
Jason gave her a puzzled look as he poured more into her glass. "What happened? Is it Lucky? Is he hurt?"
"Hurt?" She laughed. "No. He isn't hurt. He's busy though. Really busy. In my bed by now I'm sure." She finished the second glass and held it out for more tequila. "You can't be the only one drunk tonight. I deserve this. I of all people need to be drunk tonight."
He obliged and asked "You said he's busy...and in your bed? Is that what you said?"
"Yes" was all she had as a reply.
He looked at Elizabeth and knew he wouldn't have to ask any more questions because she'd tell him when she was ready. That's how their relationship was. They'd give each other space but knew if they needed an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on, the other would be there and give whatever was needed.
"Why are you drinking? Or I shouldn't ask, I don't mean to pry." She drank another shot of tequila and hoped it would soon erase the images that refused to leave.
"Sam. I went to talk to her. I thought I'd made the right choice but it's done more harm than good so I went to tell her. I went to tell her maybe she was right. I went to tell her I still cared, that I loved her, that maybe we had a shot, that I was wrong. Yeah, I got there and realized just how wrong I'd been." Jason looked into Elizabeth's eyes and wasn't sure he should say anything, considering Sam had been with her ex-husband. He was afraid it might hit too close to home for her.
"How did it go? You talked to her right?"
"No. I didn't get that far." He noticed she was crying again and he wanted to make her pain go away. "What is it Elizabeth. You can tell me anything...anything at all."
She sighed. "I know. You've never judged me, in all these years, no matter happened, even when I hurt you. You didn't judge me." Taking a deep breath, she knew she had to tell him. She knew it would help if she opened up. Jason always saved her. "Lucky is having an affair. He's sleeping with Maxie Jones."
Jason handed her the bottle and said "Hell with the glasses, we'll share the bottle. Hurts like hell doesn't it?"
Giving him a puzzled look she questioned. "It hurts worse than you could ever imagine Jason."
"Yeah, I know. Sam is sleeping with Ric."
She took a swig of tequila and almost choked. "What? Ric? God, he really had me fooled. I'm so sorry Jason. Oh god, you went to talk to Sam and you saw them. I am so sorry." She handed the bottle back to her friend, her confidant, her former love. She had all these emotions flowing through her at that moment and the strongest was the love she remembered. The love she felt for him and that same love she's never quite forgotten.


Okay, now I am sure it sucks. I just wrote it and haven't even looked over it again. See, testing out the reason for my new journal. Huge test for me. Going to post this before I go insane with the need to fix it! LOL

Peace, Love, and Giggles,
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Okay, so I have tried writing about 4 other Liason fics (from GH) and I just don't seem to finish them. This is one I HAVE to finish before 3 pm today or before Monday anyway. Big things are happening and this is what I wanna see happen...

Here we go!

After her exhausting climb up the stairs, she sees his doorway and is frozen. Turning toward the door she wonders why out of all the places she could have gone, she ended up there. So many people she could have turned to and yet she always seemed to turn to him. The man she’d once loved, the man she’d given her heart to, the man that had saved her so many times, and the man that had also shattered her heart so long ago. But yet, he was always there to help her, no questions asked. He never had any harsh judgments accusing her of making the wrong choices. Never saying she should do it differently. There was a certain respect between the two. She knew he was always there…he was her comfortable place to go when everything came crashing down around her.
Slowly Elizabeth walked to his door and before she could knock, it opened, almost as though he knew she was there.
She always loved the way he said her name. “Hi.”
Even in the dark, he knew the tears were forming in her eyes. “Are you okay?”
“Jason.” She sighed hopelessly. “I’ve got nowhere else to go.” The tears began falling down her stained cheeks once again and she no longer tried to stop them.
He motioned her inside the dark penthouse and the instant he closed the door he wrapped his arms tightly around her. “You’re always welcome here, you know that right?” Jason let her cry in his arms while holding back his own tears. He waited for her tears to subside before asking “want a drink?”
Elizabeth pulled away, wiped her tears and whispered “yeah” while trying to find her bearings in the once so familiar room.


tis all I have for now...


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