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Title: Always with a gentle voice...
Pairing: Tim...with some Julie, Coach, Matt and Tyra.
Rating: PG-13, (language)
Disclaimer: I own no part of Friday Night Lights, the characters, or anything.
Synopsis: Takes place after the end of Season 2, episode 10 "There goes the Neighborhood". Tim has been kicked out of the Taylor's for helping Julie...follow him as he figures out what he'll do...

Always with a gentle voice... )

Tis all...

Peace, Love, and Giggles,
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Alrighty, part three now. Still unedited so if it sucks, I'll hopefully get it fixed. If there's anyone out there at all reading this and ya see errors I'd love feedback and I'll get it fixed! Thanks for reading!

FNL fic part three )

Tis all. No more. It sucks where it ended too I think. Oh, and I forgot to put in there that there's cursing. Now I must go and get a quick shower before picking kids up off the bus. *waves* I'll be coming up with a title too...I hope! LOL See y'all!
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Okay, here's part two. Man, I have got to come up with a title. *sigh*
FNL fic part two )

Tis all of part two
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Okay, this is unedited. So far. But I figure I will not post it anywhere at all if I don't put it here, edited or not. So here it is. Out there in the universe. And it's a long one so I guess I'll have to post it in parts.

FNL fic without a title )

Tis all...for part one


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