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elisgalpal ([personal profile] elisgalpal) wrote2012-06-28 08:51 pm
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I'm here!

Yes, I am here. Alive. Writing...just doing it all by hand. Tonight is the first time I think I have been outside on the actual computer in, oh, probably a couple of months. Or more. Wow. That sucks. But hey, that'd be life in the middle of nowhere VA. Hope everyone has been doing well and happy and all that good stuff! Long, long, year and I apologize profusely for not being around.

I need to update my giant fic list. I have actually finished some fics!! Have yet to post them of course...or type them up for that matter...but some are finished!! And of course there's these prompts I accepted and one has kinda gotten way the hell outta hand! LOL Parts are written...many of them have ideas jotted down...I have a ton of songs though and not at all certain I will be writing all of them or well, able to write that many because there's a ton. Seriously. Ton. :D But that's completely okay because I love each and every song and they all have parts that fit and somehow I have come up with an idea of how to make them all fit in together!! *beams*

Now, I suppose I should go back inside to finish sorting through the clothes and washing but I might just make it back outside tonight! Yay!! Shocking huh? Yup. Oh and I shall be drinking...and hopefully writing although I am not at all certain how well drinking will mix with the writing. Maybe I'll just drink and catch up instead of trying to write. :D

Peace, Love, Giggles, and Writing,