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elisgalpal ([personal profile] elisgalpal) wrote2012-02-19 11:27 pm
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I'm writing!

Hey! Yes, I am writing. I'm writing all sorts of things. I've just really really sucked at posting anything! LOL Working on my giant fic list and it is going okay. Also working on my giant Alex/Scott fic which I might someday post all of but I dunno. lol I guess I've been writing because I've been all sorts of emotional as of late. It is a bad thing but a good thing because I'm writing.

Watching all sorts of tv...pretty much still just wanting to write H50 though. Well, along with trying to finish up the old fics for old shows on my giant fic list. Really not at all sure I'll finish anything One tree Hill simply because I wanted to throw things at my tv last week or the week before when I actually sat down and watched an episode for the first time in what, two years? I have new shows I love and there's a giant part of me that is itchin to write something for Hart of Dixie! *beams* Yeah, I love Wade and Zoe. *grins*

Well, I'm off to sleep now. Or I might write a little bit when I get inside. Depends. *waves* Y'all have fun and maybe if I wake up around 3 or 4 like I have been lately I'll get out here and post some things!!!

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