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Fic: Faces, (Steve/Danno, PG-13, 1/1)

Title: "Faces"
Author: [livejournal.com profile] weakmoments
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Parings/Characters: Steve/Danno
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 6,015
Disclaimer: I in no way own any part of Hawaii Five-0
Warnings/Spoilers: Takes place after the stakeout episode at Rachel's house so nothing has happened yet in the episodes after.
Genre: angst?
Summary: Danny called him Babe and Steve needs to know why while using all sorts of new faces
Author's Note: I wrote this ages ago and always found issues with it so I never posted it. Now it is posted! I think way back when [livejournal.com profile] shanachie_quill looked it over but I have more than likely changed it so much it probably should just go back to being unbeta'd. That would be my bad habit...fixing/rewriting too much so that it takes forever to finish a story. lol

Steve walked into his office the next morning and simply could not get his partner off of his mind. Danny was usually on Steve's mind for one reason or another but this time it was different. This time he saw a part of Danny's life that he hadn't really seen before...there is a side of him that Steve just didn't know and after catching this glimpse, well, it made him want to know more.

He sat down in his chair and turned it so he could look through the window. Not looking at anything in particular he just simply sat and stared until the rest of the team arrived at work. Chin walked into the office first, they said their hellos and Chin sat down at his desk to go through some files until they had a specific case that took precedence. Steve turned back to the window just as Kono walked through the doors. Chin caught her attention and gave her a look that told her it would be a good idea to avoid the boss for now and find some busy work. She said hello to Steve and wandered around the office a bit in an attempt to find something to do without being so obvious she was to avoid the boss for whatever reason. She stopped what she was doing and headed to the restroom when she realized she was failing miserably and Steve must have known exactly what she was doing.

It was a good half hour later when Detective Daniel Williams walked through the door. Daniel. Steve heard Rachel call his partner Daniel and he felt this odd twinge in his gut when she said it. He felt almost as though he had been blindsided by something but knew he should have seen it all before.

"Hey. Something interesting out there?" Danny asked while standing in the doorway to Steve's office, leaning against the door frame. His question was answered with silence so he continued. "You seem distracted today McGarrett."

Steve spun around in his chair, folded his hands and rested them on his desk before even saying hello. By the look on Danny's face Steve knew he must have some sort of face that Danny was trying to figure out. "Aneurysm face?" Steve questioned since it was the one he seemed to have the most that he'd heard the team discussing.

"No, can't quite figure this one out. It is a new face. New face needs a name. I'm sure I'll come up with one later." Danny entered the room and closed the door behind him, sitting down in the empty chair on the other side of the desk facing Steve. "I can tell something is on your mind so go ahead. Let me have it. I'm a big boy, I can take it." Steve remained silent so Danny felt the need to continue to egg him on to get some sort of response. "What? No tea this morning?"


"Yes, tea. Or you don't drink tea in the mornings...just in the evenings with my ex-wife?" Danny focused on Steve as he watched the same sort of face grow more intense. "Ahh, ex-wife face. Ehh, not a good name but I will work on it."


"Four words total. Wow, what stimulating conversation this morning Steve. You are just full of all sorts of words and fantastic stories" Danny said, sarcasm thick in his voice.

Steve grinned. "Yeah, sorry. I haven't had my tea yet so I might not be awake."

"Tea. Yeah." Danny started to stand but Steve stopped him with his voice.

"Danny." He said rather abruptly and knew that might not make Danny stay. Steve smiled again hoping it would help to stop him. "Wait, I'm sorry."

He raised his eyebrows. "What? Did you just apologize before I ever had to ask for one?"

"Yes. I said I am sorry because I didn't need to bring up anything about tea since you have obvious issues with certain beverages."

Danny shook his head while responding. "I don't have tea issues exactly. I just don't see why everything in the world needs to be solved by having tea in the afternoon. Sometimes you need to get drunk in the evening to figure out some issues. Not tea. And yes, I used to drink tea so don't give me that look, whatever this look might be. What is it with you and faces?"


"Yeah, you have all of these faces and most of them I can figure out and they now have a name. At least for me they do and then you meet my ex-wife and now you have what, two or three new faces that I have to go and name? If I could figure out my phone I would add them all in a note but I can't seem to figure out my phone or if there might even be a place where I can make notes. Is there a place where I can make notes?" Danny held his phone in his hand and wiggled it around as he spoke sarcastically to Steve.

"There should be a notepad application on your phone. Here, let me see..." Steve held out his hand.

"No! It was a rhetorical question McGarrett. Rhetorical. Did you not hear the sarcasm? I can find the damn app if I need the damn app." Danny let out a heavy sigh, put his phone in his pocket and leaned back in the chair deciding he wouldn't leave just yet because his curiosity was now getting the better of him. He knew if Steve had new faces, there must be a reason and it would be hell until he figured them out. "The faces. So, what is it with the new faces? Why create new ones and not use the good old standbys?"

Steve took in a deep breath and slowly exhaled while carefully thinking through his words before letting them spill out of his mouth, his hands now back to a folded position on his desk. "This last case. I have new faces because you have new faces. You were different this time. We ate and it was on you. We had a beer and again, on you. Yeah, it was a tough case but this one." He shook his head. "You weren't as...as..."

"As what Steve? As rude? Hateful?"

"Testy. Like now. Now you are testy. I'm having a simple conversation and you are already using your 'go ahead and take me on I'll kick your ass if I have to' face and tone."

"Wow, now that must be quite a face. I did not realize I had a face like that. I didn't realize I had faces other than my normal Danny face that is afraid for his life when I am in your vicinity."

"But you should have been afraid when you were in that house. When you were next door you should have been afraid for your life and you were pissed for like an instant but then you seemed fine."

"I knew I'd get out."


"I dunno."
"You dunno?"

He threw his arms up in the air before answering. "I knew I would. I knew you would figure it out because that's you. Mr. Steve Navy SEAL McGarrett that can get anyone out of anything without injury. Or for the most part without injury...or without serious injury anyway." Danny was now waving his arms around as he spoke and knew it was a matter of time before Steve became just as animated.

He stared at his partner sitting across from him. Steve stood, walked to the window and stared outside. Silence filled the room. Danny never moved and Steve figured he was waiting for him to finish the conversation or let him know that he was already finished with the conversation. However, Steve obviously wasn't finished with the conversation because there were still too many questions running through his mind. "I would have figured my one face would be aneurysm face."

"No, that one is more intense. Your faces today have just not been that intense even though the one seemed to get more intense."

"They should be more intense."


Steve tried to come at this from a different angle but realized it was simply a conversation that had to be direct. "You called me Babe." He waited a beat before adding, "Is that a Jersey thing?"


"Babe." Steve whirled around, walked over to the desk and sat on the edge, now finding the need to point as he spoke. "You, Danny, called me Babe."



Shit. He had never intended on calling anyone Babe at all after Rachel so why the hell would he call Steve Babe? "Babe?" he asked just making sure it was really what he said.

"Yes." Steve folded his arms across his chest as the two men now stared at one another, neither one saying a word. Steve was waiting on an answer and Danny was searching his brain to find one but it was ever so allusive.

"Hmm. I dunno."

"Again. You dunno."

"No, I don't know Steve. No, I don't remember calling you Babe. Why would I do that? Why would I call you Babe? What would be my reasoning? Isn't Babe a term of endearment? We argue all the time so why would I call you Babe?" Arms now flailing all over the place, Danny was trying to sound upset that Steve was asking him these questions but for some reason there was this tiny little faraway voice yelling at him and saying that yes, he called him Babe, he should remember calling him Babe, and he must have done it for a reason because who would say Babe without a reason? Danny paused a moment before coming up with some sort of answer. "Yeah, maybe it is a Jersey thing. I dunno. Ask someone else from New Jersey what they think it could mean."

"I don't know anyone else from New Jersey, Danny."



"Yeah, oh. Oh, I don't know what else to say. Oh I still don't know why I might have called you Babe. Oh, I wish we could end this conversation because I am not sure I am at all comfortable with this line of questioning." Danny thought about standing up but realized if he didn't move his chair back or off to the side he would end up incredibly close to Steve when he leaned forward to stand and that would not be at all comfortable for him during this particular conversation and he assumed it wouldn't be comfortable for Steve either. Maybe not assumed exactly but at least hoped because he was fairly certain he would not be any more comfortable finding out this conversation didn't bother Steve one iota.

Steve decided to go another route with the conversation after seeing how agitated Danny seemed even though it might very well blindside the both of them. He simply had to find a way to get to the real questions he wanted to ask and thought this might make those seem easier. "Do you still love Rachel? Or have feelings for her?"

Danny's eyes widened and he grabbed on to the arms of the chair he was sitting in. "What? Are you kidding me? Are you really asking me that? Ha, do I still love Rachel? Do I still love Rachel? What? No, we are divorced and we are divorced for a reason...or for a million reasons. If I still loved her wouldn't we still be happily married in Jersey?"

"I suppose."

"You suppose."

"Yes, I suppose. But the way you looked at her. The way you stared at her house in your mirror the entire way out of the driveway. You bought dinner and drinks. You did that willingly. Do you see why it has me confused? She wrecked her car because she knew it was a plan that would work. Right, a plan that would work. How many women do you know that would wreck their car to get information and no, female cops and the like do not count." Steve waited for it all to sink in for Danny and prepared himself for what was to come next.

Danny leaned forward as though he were going to stand, apparently decided against it and leaned back in his chair. He then proceeded to change positions in his chair about twenty more times while Steve simply sat on the edge of the desk with his arms still folded. "One" he finally replied.

"One other than Rachel?"

"No." He sighed and leaned back in the chair again trying his best to relax. "Just Rachel. But it worked. And she was married to me long enough to pick up on things...on detective cop things so she paid attention and she learned and for whatever reason she remembered what she had learned years ago."

"You are not ready to move on no matter what you might think."

"Move on?"

"Yeah." Steve lowered his voice to a near whisper. "You are not ready to move on and I don't know why. Can't give you a reason but I can see it in your face. I can see it in your eyes Danny. You think you can more on, you think you have already started to move on but you haven't. Or there is something else I'm seeing in your face, in your eyes. And no, I realize I am not a trained detective but I am a trained SEAL which is damned good enough."

Danny stood and realized they were now much closer in proximity than any two men should be unless there was something going on between them other than just being partners. That would be the exact moment it hit him like a ton of bricks. "Oh."

"Oh?" Steve saw a new face on Danny.

"Yes. Oh." It had hit him and he had no idea what to say. He'd been flirting with Steve and Steve had been flirting right back with him for a long time now. Flirting. With his partner. And he called him Babe. He called him Babe and then he saw Rachel forgetting all about the moment he called Steve Babe. Right up until the point in the office this morning where Steve called him out on it.

"You're quiet now Danny."

"Yeah." He sighed and sat back down in the chair, figuring he might be in the office a while longer. "I am quiet which should make you happy right? I'm quiet so I am not being all testy."

Steve looked through the open blinds in his office and saw Chin and Kono working quietly at their desks in their respective offices knowing full well they were trying their best not to spy on the two men in the office. There was no call from the Governor for some special investigation and he knew they could take care of things in the office for a while. He looked at Danny and said, "Get up, we're leaving."

"What? Now we have a case?" He questioned Steve as he stood.

Steve was merely inches from him for just a few seconds but it was long enough for Danny to get a strange feeling in his gut that he was certain he hadn't felt in ages.

"No, now we have a conversation somewhere alone" Steve replied as he walked to the door, holding it open for Danny, motioning him through and Steve found himself watching his partner walk through to the outer room. "We'll be back. There are some things we have to check on" Steve told the other two.

Neither Kono nor Chin questioned Steve, they just simply agreed and tried their best to focus on their busy work in front of them knowing the instant the two men left, the cousins would have a long conversation about what was happening.

Danny shrugged his shoulders and followed Steve through the other set of doors, through the rest of the building and outside to the car. "May I ask where we're going?"

"You may ask but I'm not sure so I won't answer you."

"You won't answer me?"

"No Danny, I won't answer you. I don't know if when I get in the car I might head to the beach. I don't know if I'll head to my house. I don't know if I'll head to the mountains. I really have no idea whatsoever where I am going once I get in the driver's seat." He sighed and turned to look Danny directly in the eyes. "Do you trust me?"

"Yes." He stated matter of fact without a second thought.

Steve turned, opened the car door and said, "Then get in the car and we'll leave." Steve looked at Danny once again before adding "please?" and giving him the best smile he could muster at the time.

"Getting in the car now" Danny said before opening the door, sitting down and shutting the door.

Steve sat down and shut his door and was somehow buckled with the car running before Danny finished buckling. "Ready?"

"Yeah, and how do you do that?"

"Do what?" he said as he put the car in reverse, backing out of the space, and heading out of the parking lot.

"Get in a car so fast, buckle, and have the car running before I turn to get my belt?"

"I dunno."

"Oh I see. Now you dunno."

Steve chuckled and said "just shut up until we get wherever I figure out we're going okay?"



"Are we going to keep on doing this to see who gets the last word? Because I would like to have the last word in our conversations." Danny seemed insistent.

"Fine, you have the last word for now and then we'll ride in peace."

"Good. Peace and quiet."

It was nearly killing Steve to not agree with him verbally because had he agreed, he would have had the last word and he just told Danny that was his. It wasn't easy but the two men rode in silence the rest of the way to their destination. Steve chose one of his favorite spots on the island which had a bit of a mountain feel with trees and other growth as well as the beach close enough to them. They drove to a spot covered with trees and as Steve parked the car he smiled, knowing that on the other side of the trees a fairly short distance was a beautiful and deserted stretch of beach.

"Mountains. You chose the spot that is mountain-like." Danny turned to look at Steve.



"Yes, just over there" he said pointing in the direction of the ocean "is a beach if we change our minds."

"If we change our minds?" Danny questioned knowing full well he probably wouldn't have any say in the matter.

"Well, if I do then I guess." He smiled at Danny and opened the car door. He turned, set his feet on the ground and sat there a moment before standing. He never tired of this area, no matter how many times he would come here to think or work out a problem. It seemed completely fitting that he would bring Danny here so maybe he can work out whatever it is that is going around in his mind not to mention it would really help Steve figure out why he's so worried about what is going on in Danny's mind and bothering him. He stood, turned to the left and before closing the car door he spoke. "You getting out or are you just sitting there in the hot car with your tie on?"

"Getting out in a minute Steve."

"Okay. I'll be out here when you're ready" he said and shut the door.

"Thanks." Danny replied looking down at his tie knowing Steve didn't hear him anyway. It was hot and bothersome to wear a tie every single day in these temperatures. He looked outside and looked back down at the tie. With a heavy sigh he decided it might not be so bad to take the tie off while the two men were out here talking since it technically was not work related in any sort of way so it would not break any of Danny's work rules he had set upon himself the day he became a detective. Slowly he took off his tie and carefully laid it down on the dash. He looked down and saw Steve's phone was on the driver's seat, looked outside in the direction of the other man and decided it might not be a half bad idea to leave his own phone in there for just a while. The world couldn't possibly end in the next twenty minutes or thereabouts so he took his phone out of his pocket, setting it on his own seat before making his way out of the car and over to Steve.

"I thought you would..." Steve started to say as he turned around to face Danny. He stopped mid sentence as soon as he saw the other man had taken his tie off and sort of lost his whole train of thought. Steve simply stood still and smiled, not worrying at all about finishing the sentence knowing Danny would probably know anyway what he was going to say.

"I was doing some thinking in the car already I suppose." Danny smiled back and with one hand motioned toward his shirt while with the other hand made a motion back toward the car. "See, no tie."

"I noticed that." Steve said, still smiling.

"Thought you would even though you are not a trained detective and don't understand the responsibility of wearing a tie when you are."

"I wear ties."

Danny had now closed the distance between the two and they were standing face to face or as face to face as he could get with the taller man. "You wear a tie with your uniform but I would not go so far as to say you actually wear ties. Do you own a tie that goes along with a normal suit and not your James Bond tux?"

Steve chuckled. "My James Bond tux?"

"Yeah, the tuxedo you just happened to have when we went scrambling to find me one to wear because I do not own a tux whereas it seems you do."

"Just the one and it was for something the Governor had. Figured since I knew the Governor it might be a little easier to own one than rent for various occasions."

"Glad you had that option."

"And now you do."

"Yes, and now I do. I own a tux. I don't like my waiter tux but I am glad that you enjoy your Bond tux."

Steve folded his arms and tilted his head. "Why are we discussing our tuxedos Danny?"

"Because I am not ready to discuss anything else and technically it started with just a tie, or lack thereof, which seemed a proud momentous occasion for me just a few short minutes ago." Danny tilted his head squinting his eyes still not understanding how he was always squinting and Steve never seemed to. He also realized he had better not start a squinting discussion or Steve would bring out aneurysm face and as fond as Danny was of some of his faces, that was definitely not one of the nicer ones.

"Did you leave your phone in the car too?"

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"Because you would be playing with the email by now if you had it."

"Good point." Danny was nodding while adding "I probably would."

Steve turned and started walking through the trees in a manner that said Danny should follow. Steve mumbled something that Danny couldn't hear.

"What?" he asked, never looking ahead.

Steve stopped unexpectedly and with Danny watching the ground he was walking on so as to not injure his knee again on some randomly placed rock, Danny ended up running right into him nearly knocking the two over. Steve tilted his head, turned toward Danny and with that odd lopsided grin of his said "we're almost to one of my favorite spots on the island but there's some rocks up here so watch where you're walking. I didn't exactly realize you were already paying such close attention to the ground or I wouldn't have stopped."

Danny still had his hands on Steve from when he reached out in the collision and put them in his pockets before Steve might have noticed the look on his face or the odd fact that his hands were a bit sweaty. "Yeah, okay. Sure. I actually was watching where I was going because I didn't want to re-injure my knee since it is finally feeling so much better."

"Yeah, I noticed you didn't limp much anymore. Good." Steve waited a moment before asking "ready?"

"Yes, ready to continue walking."

Steve turned and started leading the way again with Danny close behind but now, not too close. It seems Danny learned his lesson and did not want another collision between the two. "Okay, we're here" he said loud enough so that Danny would know he was stopping.

Danny stopped walking and took in his surroundings. "Whoa."


"You come here to think?"

"I do."

"I couldn't. I couldn't think right now even if I wanted to." He had seen some beautiful spots on the island since leaving Jersey but nothing quite like this. It was so peaceful and yet he knew there had to be civilization all around him.

Steve couldn't take his eyes off of Danny. He reminded Steve of Grace in that moment and he loved that about him...that there were still a few things in his life he could be so amazed by that it was childlike and innocent. After a few moments Steve closed the distance between them so they were once more standing face to face. "Danny?"


"Why did you call me Babe?"

Danny took a deep breath and knew this very well might be the most difficult question that he had ever been asked in his life. His gut was telling him one answer, his head was telling him another, and his heart was saying something else entirely. Not quite ready to go with the heart answer and knowing full well Steve wouldn't believe the answer in his head, he went with his gut. "I just do that. I get close to people and I call them affectionate names. Babe happens to be one of them and I must have called you Babe without even thinking about it. Like it was a natural reaction. Nothing more, nothing less."

Steve looked at him for what seemed years, furrowed his brows in that way he does, said simply, "bull shit" before folding his arms and standing his ground.

Danny threw his arms up in the air. "Here we go. Mr. Navy SEAL appears and uses the old fear of death routine with the scary aneurysm face or constipation face...I can't tell the difference right now...and scares his partner into telling him whatever it is he thinks he knows and or wants to hear. Is that right?"


"Okay, so you tell me. What is the right idea I am supposed to have with you telling me bull shit and standing there like you could kick my ass at any second and no one would find my bloody mangled body?" Danny now stood feet firmly planted and folded his arms.


"And you keep coming back to that."

"No, I was calling you Babe."

"Excuse me?"

"I was calling you Babe. You said it is a term of endearment. You said it is a natural reaction. Well, my natural reaction to you calling me Babe yesterday is to bring you out here and call you Babe today." Steve wanted to smile. He wanted to give Danny his best lopsided grin he could muster but he just wasn't quite sure it was the right time.

Danny tilted his head in the possibility that what Steve had just said might make more sense if he looked at him at an angle but he was still just as baffled as before. "Why...why would..." he had no idea how to continue.

"Why would what? Why would I call you Babe? I don't know Danny, why do you think I would?"

"Smart ass."

"Smart ass? Really?"

"Yeah, you, in your oh so slick way, are being a smart ass. I am not sure I appreciate it."

"My being smart or my ass?" Now was the perfect time for the best lopsided grin ever and Steve used it to his full advantage.

"Your what?"

"My being smart?"

"That is not what you said."

"Oh, so the only part of what I just said that you could focus on was my answer to you appreciating something which could just possibly happen to be my ass." Steve continued smiling which was completely throwing Danny off kilter, not to mention the fact that talk of his ass was starting to make his face red.

Danny thought long and hard before answering any more of Steve's questions before realizing he only wanted some sort of reasonable answer as to why he might have called him Babe. "All this for one little four letter word?"

"You said it, I was just curious as to why."

"You said it too. Should I be curious?" Danny now placed his hands on his hips.

"I would tell you my reasons exactly for saying it. I would much rather hear your reasons for saying it considering you were in fact the one that said it first."

"Oh, aren't we being all sorts of childish today?"

"Maybe. Maybe not."

"Hrumph. Really?" Danny was now beyond flustered and he had never been one to fluster that easily which only added to the frustration he was also feeling. "Maybe, maybe not. Maybe, maybe not." He started to pace, arms flailing around as he began to ramble about possibly every conversation they may have ever had while searching for some sort of answer to the question at hand. "Steve McGarrett, trying to be all scary and manly bringing me out here to bring fear of death upon me so that I talk because maybe I am one of those guys that will only talk over fear of death. Or he'll throw me under a coconut tree without a helmet. Or he'll use the Hawaiian man with the giant scary truck to make me talk without the giant blue drink this time to dull the pain. Oh, or even better, he'll toss me in the car and drive like a maniac through these so called roads and scare me to death, literally and then have to explain to Grace how her Danno just isn't around anymore because he was being a big bully and not telling me why he called me Babe on a whim without even realizing what it was he was doing because it is a freaking term of endearment and I must mean something to him." Shit. He rambled too long.

Before Danny could try and figure out some way to fix the last part of what he said, Steve was standing in front of him and held Danny's head in his hands while showing him another new face. "Yes."

"Yes what?" Danny asked softly.

"Yes, I think I must mean something to you. Yes, I think that is why you called me Babe. Yes, that is exactly the reason why I called you Babe today. You. Mean. Something." Steve searched Danny's eyes for an answer, for anything at all to show him where to go next. For once, since the moment they met, he just could not read him.

"I..." Danny was finally speechless and it was so new to him he felt as though he could pass out. "You..." still nothing came into his mind that was coherent enough to say aloud. "Us."

Steve chuckled. "Danny Williams, for a detective there are times you can be completely clueless."


Steve still held Danny's face in his hands and for the life of him could not figure out why he hadn't kissed him yet.

"You're waiting for me to say something or do something aren't you?" Danny finally managed.

He took a deep breath and exhaled. "Yeah, I am. Figured I should give you a minute or two or ten to let it sink in I suppose."

"Good. Sinking in." Danny never moved and he still had no idea what to say to the man standing in front of him. He bit his lower lip and decided this was one of those moments in his life where he should go ahead and follow his heart, completely ignoring every single cop instinct in his body and just go with it. So he did. He took the tiniest of steps closer to Steve knowing that was all he would have to do.

Steve released the breath he hadn't realized he was holding and kissed Danny gently on the lips. It wasn't a long passionate kiss but it wasn't a quick chaste kiss either. It was simply a gentle kiss that lasted just long enough so that both men knew it meant something as well as knowing there would be more of those in the future. After the kiss Steve took a small step back and moved his hands from Danny's face to his shoulders and down his arms to his hands so that he was now holding them.

Danny looked down at their hands. Slowly he looked back at Steve's face and sighed. "Another new face and now I need another new name for the face."

"The Danny face?"

"No, that sounds too weird."

"It's what it is though. It is how I look at you when no one else is looking because I just wasn't sure." Steve grinned and Danny couldn't help but grin back at him.


Steve chuckled. "Yeah?"

"That would be why I called you Babe. Happy now that you have an answer?"

"Yes, very happy."

"Good." Danny had a feeling they had been out there much longer than anticipated and both of them without their cell phones. "Uh, I think we should go see if we're being summoned" he said as he motioned toward the direction of the car. "At least check our phones since we are in the middle of a work day."

"Yeah, we should." Steve did not want to let him go but knew Danny was making all the sense in the world. Slowly he let go of Danny's hands and motioned him toward the car. "You wanna lead the way or should I?"

"I'd rather not get lost because I wasn't exactly paying attention to where we were going. Watching rocks sure. Watching anything else? Not so much." Danny smiled.

"Okay, I'll lead the way."

"Good" Danny answered and followed as Steve started toward the car. They walked back along the path and Danny realized Steve was usually the one leading the way in just about everything they did...and he did not seem to mind at all.

Steve saw the car and knew reality was about to hit them broadside and he slowed his steps. "Danny?"

"I think we've gotta go back to work."

"Yeah, we probably do."

Steve was of course in the car, door shut, seatbelt buckled and had the car running before Danny ever opened his door. Danny shook his head as he was getting inside and buckling up as Steve put the car in gear and headed away from their spot. Their spot. Danny smiled.

"Hey, dinner tonight?" Steve asked.


"Dinner. Tonight. Me, you, food?"

"A date?"

"I dunno." Steve laughed and added "yes a date. What do ya say? Date?"

"Yeah, I'd like that" Danny answered as they pulled onto the main road and started back to headquarters with him adding "Babe" and both men smiling the rest of the car ride back to work.

tis all