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Fic: Aging Gracefully...or not (Alex/Scott, R, 2/2)

Title: Aging Gracefully...or not
Rating: R for language
Warnings/Spoiler/author's note: I wrote the first part of this one ages ago and even posted it! And then I saw a certain picture which of course made me wanna write something about that. *see icon for pic* So here is part two...and yes, part two will be all I'll write about the whole lack of grey in Alex's hair that episode. Probably....
Disclaimer: I do not know them, have no idea if they had this conversation but if it were me, something would be said to the man.
Summary: Scott arrives on set and notices something odd about Alex

Part One

Alex was usually an easygoing guy, not worrying about too much, focused on the work but it all went out the window after he saw Scott that morning. “Idiot” Alex mumbled to himself. “Called me an idiot because I don’t want to look like an old man.”

“You realize women find the gray hair sexy, right Alex?”

“Huh?” He turned to see Grace standing behind him with the same sort of look Scott had earlier.

"Yes, women find a man with graying hair by his temples sexy. Have you seen Clooney?"

"That's a lot of gray."

"Didn’t start out that way but yes, and a lot of sexy." She knew Alex still didn't get it so she shook her head and started to walk away, adding "I'm just saying...women find it sexy and you might piss off some fans."

Alex had been so convinced no one would notice he did it on a whim. He shook his head knowing now that he needs to check with someone else first before going with anymore whims. He went in search of Scott to let him know his revelation.

Scott had done well avoiding Alex the majority of the morning and was proud of himself for the accomplishment because it was never an easy thing to avoid O’Loughlin. Scott had a terrible time looking at the hair and keeping himself from bursting into laughter. He spotted Alex wandering around looking like a lost puppy and he knew somehow the man was searching for him. Scott leaned against the rock in the hopes that maybe he could blend in and Alex wouldn't see him. No such luck.


"Alex" he answered while making sure he didn't look at the other man.

"You've been avoiding me."


"Come on, it can't be that bad right?"

Scott shook his head in disbelief wondering how Alex could be so dense sometimes. He started to chew on his bottom lip when Alex leaned against the rock beside him, putting his arm behind Scott and grabbing on to the other arm trying to get his attention like a little kid when someone was ignoring him. “Alex, stop it.”

“Scotty, you can not avoid me all damn day.”

“Watch me.”

“Is this all because of my hair? You aren’t even looking at me. Come on Scotty, pleeeaaaase look at me. Come on, you can do it.” Alex was smiling and trying his best to get Scott to smile along with him or at the very least have Scott glance over at him. Instead Scott did everything he could to continue looking straight ahead. “Seriously man, it can’t be so bad that you won’t look me in the eyes.”

“Alex, it isn’t your eyes I’m avoiding. Did you honestly think it would be a good idea to dye your hair? We’re not that old, man. Seriously, we are not that old. And we’re not women. Sure, women dye their hair all the time but men? No, men do not dye their hair, they let it go and women compliment us on our distinguished look.”

He wouldn’t let go. They were told to find their mark but Alex wouldn’t let go and Scott refused look at him. They were at a standstill and something needed to be said by someone with more sense than those two.

“Boys, you’re being stupid. Alex, let him go because we have a scene to do and Scotty, do not let your daughter see you being such a stubborn ass because you are not being a good role model. Do not give me that look. I know what that look means and no, I do not care that Teilor is your on screen daughter. That adorable girl looks up to you, to the both of you. You need to stop being a jackass even though you have every right to be because yes, Alex, your hair looks stupid.” Claire glared at the two men before turning and walking back to the table where Rachel was to be waiting for the partners so they could shoot the scene.

Scott chuckled while Alex watched Claire walk away. “I can’t tell if you’re more dumbfounded or hurt. She’s right you know. Looks stupid.”

“Gee thanks Caan.”

“Anytime O’Loughlin…anytime” Scott replied as the men gave in and listened to Claire, taking their marks so they could get back work.

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